Game Backend is

Game Backend is

Backnd — a no-development game backend.
Save time and money on backend development
and make more creative games.

About Backnd

Backnd is a service for “backend development” among many stages before a game launch.
In the end, what you really want to achieve through us is “the success of your game.”
This is a tool to make an “engrossing game” that is liked better by users.

That is why we provide continuous technical support, not only by providing services, but also by creating community-like communication channels, as your partner in the entire process of developing games.

Backnd’s technology increases your game development efficiency and helps you create better games.
And we believe that is the only way to gain your trust.

Game backends are easier than you think.

Backnd provides SDK, development documentation, and consoles for game development and operations.

STEP 1. Connect to the Backnd SDK

Download the Backnd SDK and connect the Unity Client and the Backnd Server.

STEP 2. Implement necessary features

Implement necessary features by looking at the SDK documentation.
Usage methods and example codes for each feature are provided.

STEP 3. Launch and operate

Once your game is released, operate and manage it through the console.
A console guide is provided for operational convenience.

We provide services based on our accumulated technology and experience.

    Cumulative number of developers
    using the service


    Cumulative number of
    game users

From indie developers to large publishers

Various developers operate their game backends with Backnd.

Start for free

Games do not reach popularity in a single blast — they are comprehensive artworks that are created quickly and grow gradually.
Then we had a thought — shouldn’t the pricing plan match the characteristics of the game?

Get started quickly, for free, and upgrade it gradually.
Depending on the size of your game, we recommend the most reasonable price plan.

Development mode

  • Up to 25 projects, unlimited number of users per project

  • Free technical consultation from server technology experts (reply within 2 business days)

Get Started

Secure data storage

All data is stored securely.

AWS cloud security

AWS infrastructure providing world-class security is used.

Data encryption

It prevents external leaks of customer information and monitors the data continuously.

TTA V&V certification

After passing the test by the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) of Korea, Backnd obtained official quality certification.

Backnd — Global Top Game Backend

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